Daughter of a centaur (father) and a harpy (mother) Age: 17.
Friends 3 pins. Sirena Von Boo™; Neighthan Rot™; Bonita Femur™.
Freaky Flaw. I'm a little bit…okay a lot…stubborn. Once I've made up my mind, I hate to be reigned in, and I have a hard time not bucking the trend.
Favorite Food. Corn, oats, alfalfa and wheat grass smoothies. I'm also pretty fond of apples and sugar cubes.
Favorite Activity. I can run like the wind, and there's nothing I like better than to go galloping off across, well, anywhere.
Killer Style. I love equestrian haunt couture and there's nothing that makes me want to kick up my heels like a new pair of gloves.
Pet. I've never found one that has been able to keep pace with me.
Pet Peeve. I'm not a pony ride at a carnival so no, I won't give you a lift, let you “hitch” a ride or just “trot you over to your next class.” It's undignified.

I know I can always count on Sirena Von Boo, Neighthan Rot and Bonita Femur—they're the beast herd of friends a ghoul ever had.